Ok, I am not going to edit this blog.  If I post something, I'll leave it up.  That said, I re-read my first post and have to give myself a bit of an eye roll.  I believe what I wrote, but part of me squiggles in my chair a bit on the pretentious nature those words. It's just a bit too serious for my bones. It makes me feel like I need to go buy a chai latte, put on a very white bath robe, tuck into high count sheets, and stream Frasier on Netflix.  Hmmm, this is something I could see myself doing.... I digress.

My two latests posts match my mood a bit at the moment.  On the one hand, DTLA Improv is a study on a view of LA that I really love.  I am not sure that I love LA, but I am enamored with this vista.  The ides behinds the series was to keep shooting the same location (roughly) to see what different kinds of moods I could get out of the location.  It's a study, for sure, but it's also imrpv in the sense that I'm definitely telling myself yes when I'm shooting there.   In a normal circumstance, I might say, "I don't need to shoot this, I already have it".  With this series, I'm saying "Just keep on shooting.  Build on what you have.  See what develops.  Find the different moods."

Dystopian LA, on the other hand, is a little counter intuitive for me at the moment.  I hated LA when I moved here.  It wasn't Chicago.  It wasn't New York.  It took me twenty years to realize what LA really is, accept it, and appreciate it.  Now that I've done this, I found I actually kind of love it here.  I wish it rained a little more, but maybe if we keep messing with mother nature, it will turn into a rainforest....eye roll.....   Regardless, even though I've found a way to love this place, I think it still can inflict visual horror on its guests.  With this series, I'm trying to capture a little of that horror.  It fits my mood at the moment, and I was hoping to stop that moment in time.

I wonder if I'll look at this post in a few months and eye roll at this, as well :)  Sorry you all have to witness my self hate, jajaja!

By the way, the series was originally going to be called Dystopic Los Angeles, but I can't seem to figure out if that's a word.  The web is conflicted on the subject.  Thoughts?