The Beach

I'm breaking my own rules.  Though I don't think a series should be confined to a specific number of images, I am trying to keep each series to around 20-30 images.  Over time, I'll add and delete to each series.  Seldom, but sometimes,, an image might find its way into two or more series.  

With The Beach, I tripled my limit.  There are series within the series that I'm sure I could let fly on there own, but right now, the set feels like a story to me.  It's got some hills and valleys, but ultimately, I feel like all the images work together.

Like most of my series, The Beach starts viscerally to me, then the plan follows.  I'm always interested in how we interact with nature, and the beach is a perfect setting to study that.  Some just show up and play.  Some get dolled up and want to put on a show.  Some use it for sport.  Others hunt or make a living in its confines.  Whatever the motivation, the beach seems to show both our desire to be together, but also, the inevitability of our being alone.  My goal with this series is to capture the individual, no matter how together or alone they may be.  We'll see how this grows over time!

(ooops.  I forgot to post this.  I created it when I posted The Beach on April 29, 2017)