Neither Here Nor There

This series is a mood more than anything.  It's pretty much how I've been feeling for a long while....In transition....  It's the land, the sea and the sky combined.  Disparate images, but working together.   This is probably my most visceral series so far, meaning I set out more for a mood and feeling more than a specific subject.  If an image works for the mood, and with the other subjects in the series, it's included.

Neither Here Nor There, like all series on the website, will evolve over time.  One image, a few, or many will be swapped at any time as I discover newer, more relevant material.  With that in mind, I am not in a mood to hide the flaws in any of this work.  There will be mistakes that may or may not be obvious, and they will likely disappear or change over time.  The series might be a little long at points, or a little too short at other points, but hopefully it will continue to grow and improve.  Some images may not seem congruent, and if it stays that way, they will eventually be removed.  At any given time, you will see a series that is starting to work for me.  If you check this blog, you can get a sense of how I'm feeling about it as it grows.  I'd love for your comments, as well!

One final note, I do still plan on including two versions of most series.  There will be the abrupt version, and the extended version.  It's either TLDR or time to meditate!