The Airplanes

Finally, I am able to post “The Airplanes”.   Airplanes and travel have been a part of my world since the beginning of my world.  Like all of my series so far, my first goal is to capture the feeling of my subjects.  Emotions first.  That’s the rule.  Once that’s been established, I begin to play a bit.  With this series, I’m trying out visual directions (which way the planes are flying), mixed stories (set the mood, at the gate, on the tarmac, take off, landing, what you see, etc).   There is supposed to be some continuity in the series, but I also don’t mind jumps of logic.  This isn’t reality.   

Things I’m still thinking about:  Is (almost) one hundred images too many?  Are the varied subjects in such a long series distracting?  Is mixing black and white plus color, or clean images with heavily grained images distracting?  To figure this out, I let it sit a while.  By all means, tell me how you feel in the comments or by email.  I’d love to hear!

At the end of the day, I’m not going to worry to much about this.  I will keep building and replacing images in each series, and hopefully over time, they will continue to get better.   I will (soon) begin posting two or three versions of each series.  One will be short, or as I like to call it, the radio mix.  Those series will likely be ten to thirty images.   I will also do what I think of as the extended dance mix; fifty to one hundred images.  I also plan on adding a section of work in progress; things that will turn into series as I build them.

So there you have it.   “The Airplanes” is up!  Let me know what you think.   I’m hoping another series or two will appear in the next few days/weeks, as well.